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How Do You Get the High Net Worth (HNW) Stick to You?

What is it that the top 1% financial advisors have, that the rest of the 99% do not?

Why is it that the results of the top 1% financial advisors’ are often 10 times or even 100 times that of the rest?

What factor contributes to their tremendous success?

The answer is simple: The top 1% financial advisors have HNW clients, while the rest do not!

This E-book will help you open the doors to the HNW market.

Through this book, you will understand:

  • Who are the HNW? Where do you find these people?
  • What is the best way to approach them?
  • Just how great are the benefits of working with them?
  • What are the challenges of working with them?
  • How do you start from scratch and yet easily establish a foothold in the HNW market?
  • How do you overcome your fears and take action immediately?
  • What are the three criteria that must be fulfilled in order to serve the HNW market? How do you go about fulfilling them?

In addition, this E-book will also share:

  • A set of strategy to maximize your social networking efforts
  • ThreePrinciples behind this set of networking strategy
  • Three Methods to apply this set of networking strategy
  • Detailed steps and scripts to implement these methods
  • A diagram to list down all potential social networking opportunities
  • 11 Rules to build your own influence network

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